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Very cute, personalized and unique school with the best of all cultures, dedicated teachers, loving environment en balanced curriculum.
Es una escuela balanceada, que educa al niño como ser humano, alimentan sus valores y sus mentes.
Tengo a mis dos hijos estudiando ahí y estoy muy contenta con el método y las personas que colaboran en la escuela, son todas excelentes.


Audrey Sánchez
a magical school with amzing teachers and facilities...The best in the Granada area.
Thanks so much for your review. We are so happy we are succeeding in creating a school like no other in Granada.
Amamos Sacuanjoche! Le da la oportunidad a nuestro hijo de aprender de manera más fácil y divertida, pero también se socializar con otros niños y el medio ambiente... Las clases y los maestros son los mejores, no son como un jefe dando ordenes, sino que interactúan con los niños y eso hace que el aprendizaje sea más efectivo y ameno! El bilingüismo es un pilar muy importante que rige las actividades del día a día
My son has been happily attending Sacuanjoche since it opened. He has become fully bilingual in these years, able to communicate effectively in Spanish and English. He wakes up every day enthusiastic to get going to school. The teachers and staff are positive, friendly and supportive. He thrives there and feels like it's his second home. My son has grown into a confident, extroverted, globally- minded, co-operative person. I am contented knowing that he will be prepared for the challenges of life with an attitude that opportunities are available to him all over the world.

There is always something exciting happening at school: celebrations, sporting events, intellectual competitions, informative field trips, interesting guest speakers. I appreciate that there are extra-curricular lessons and clubs available like music, martial arts, theater and additional language acquisition. These activities assist with continued learning and provide a healthier alternative than hiring an after-school babysitter for parents who work the traditional 9-5.

I have repeatedly expressed the fact to friends that Sacuanjoche has been such a wonderful part of our lives that my son would attend even if it were located at the North Pole! I couldn't be any more pleased with the school's high level of well-rounded education and the inclusive, welcoming community of teachers, parents and kids that we now belong to.